The superfluous doppelganger.

The 366 Project Update


My replacement Kindle arrived in a matter of days, much to my surprise and relief. In the meantime, I was able to read my books from the magical Amazon Cloud. What will they think of next? SkyNet? Brain chip implants?


We had company over, and I made a huge feast of California rolls and Sweet & Spicy Chicken. One of our guests gave Maggie her first piece of sushi, which had only vegetables and which she quickly gobbled up and enjoyed. We all had a good laugh. This dog will really put anything in her mouth.


I dropped off the Husband at work and came back to parishioners taking over all the parking spots in front of our house for a 6AM Easter mass. How in the world anyone could manage to wake up to go to church that early is beyond me. I admittedly started getting a little freaked out when I was walking home from my car and the congregation lined up and started marching around the block and chanting. I was afraid they were following me, like they knew something. I grew up Catholic, and I had never seen Catholics do anything like that. Then again, my family never celebrated Easter and very rarely attended mass. Heathens. But I guess being a heathen is better than being a church-going, holier-than-thou hypocrite. In my opinion, anyway.


Here the finished case that I lined with some funky-patterned fabric. I will admit, I got some help from la mami on this one, but I did most of the work.


Check out them claws, ese! Maggie looks like a cracked out chola ready to cut a bitch. I asked the Husband for help on Maggie’s chola name, but he played the I’m-too-white-to-participate card on me. La Sad Face, was me. I think we should call Maggie La Whimpers ’cause that bitch cries and cries for no reason.


We celebrated seven years of being together. Our first “date”, I guess, happened here at the first apartment I lived in after moving out of my parents’ house. He came over and watched TV with me and I think we drank tea. Or was it whiskey? Or both? I can’t remember. Several months later I was forced to move out due to a fire that was caused, I’d heard, by a cheating tenant or a tenant’s cheating partner with a lit cigarette or a Molotov cocktail. Hell, I can’t remember. That shizz was cray, though. I guess it’s kind of telling of the kind of people that lived there? Or not, since I don’t remember meeting any neighbors.


I finished reading Veronica Roth’s “Divergent”. I really couldn’t get into it. It felt like the poor man’s Hunger Games trilogy. I spent most of the time really confused and kinda wishing the book would end. There were a lot of big things happening in the book that weren’t explained well or at all, which I guess might be explained in the two books that are supposed to follow, but I’m not sure that I want to waste my time reading them in the chance they may or may not be explained. Also, not that I’m a prude but it seemed a little too erotic for being young adult fiction. I just wish we could have a young adult fiction novel with a strong female lead that didn’t have to fall in love in the end. Or a strong female lead that didn’t spend pages and pages whining or being scared.


Lame, but this is the only photo I took that day.


I can’t wait for the mural to go up so that some punks can just graffiti all over it. Or the pigeons that hang out in the underpass can poop all over it. Or the homeless can have a nice backdrop for their sleeping bags and shopping carts. Yay, art!


A very rainy day and night in Chicago. It could be worse; it could be snowing.



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